Artist Statement

I am continually awed by the exquisite beauty of this planet and the creative energy it takes to keep it fresh, alive and changing. It is this encounter with the divine force that connects all of us and defines our humanity, and our art.

Painting is my visual and emotional thought process about what I sense and experience as I try to live and understand my reason for being here in the first place. I do not fully comprehend the reasons for it, but I do ask to share in the wonder of it all.

And the best way for me to participate and connect with those creative forces and all the elegant beauty that fills every particle of space, is through painting.

Looking at a rolling countryside, a sunset, or a river, one has to know it was all created with love. So painting with all your emotions, with total respect for your subject, is absolutely necessary in creating a painting that is worthy of being called a work of art.

John Stinger - Stewartsville, NJ

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