Jersey Cartoonist Pens New Book : The Lighter Side of Collecting!

New Jersey award-winning cartoonist and collector John Stinger, recently announced the release of his new book The Lighter Side of Collecting! published and distributed by Tanner Publishing. Featuring 200 New Yorker-style cartoons and 70 plus pages of quirky humor about the joy of chasing vintage stuff for fun, Stinger takes the reader on a laughing-trip with more twists and turns than a Victorian settee.

Designed to appeal to both young and experienced collectors, dealers, auctioneers, appraisers, flea marketers, show promoters and pickers, the book is delightfully family-friendly, non-offensive and promises to entertain anyone who wheels-and deals ( or trades) in treasures and other magnificent possessions. From his Stewartsville studio, Stinger’s cartoons can be seen in leading publications serving the collectibles market. He sold his first cartoon about antiques in 1973 and in 1992 published his first book about collecting classics. His general line of award winning cartoons is syndicated in the US,Canada and the UK. His monthly political cartoons are distributed nationally by Senior Wire Services in Denver, CO.

The Lighter Side of Collecting! paperback book is available at$15.95 per copy plus shipping. Quantity discounts are available by contacting Or call 908-319-8957. Readers of this publication are entitled to a10% discount off the retail price so do not forget to mention the name of this publication.